About US

Logic Global Company

We are a Turkish company specialized in fire fighting and Electromechanical for over 20 years of experience.

Logic Global gained the reputation in the region by offering high quality products and professional services with effectiveness and efficiency.

Logic-Global evaluation process is based on ISO 9001/2008 standards and classified in high level according to the Federation of Egyptian Contractor.It reached a very high level to be one of the fourth huge companies in firefighting systems and electromechanical market in Egypt.Logic Global aims to open markets in all over the world for firefighting and electromechanical fields so LOGIC has moved from the local to the global scale and has opened a new branch in Istanbul to serve the whole world as Turkey is considered a global trade center.Logic Global is a special agent and distributer for most international companies.

Logic-Global designs all systems of the project supply and install

According to the international codes.

Logic Global aims to be the most trusted and favored organization by its arrangement with a more expert understanding and concentrated team that depends on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our success is backed up by a strong business oriented philosophy, providing comfort and protection solutions.

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