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Passenger elevators

In modern living conditions, it is difficult to imagine a multistoried building without a passenger elevator. Passenger elevators are required to be the subject of the most stringent safety, reliability and comfort requirements. Our company is ready to offer you the elevators of the leading manufacturers of the world. The most frequently used elevators are with a carrying capacity from 320kg to 2500. The speed of elevators from 0,5 to 2,5 m / s. Our company has the opportunity to offer you the passenger elevators of the individual manufacture with the size and design of cabin according to your requirements.

Panoramic elevators

With increasing of construction volume of shopping and office centers, hotels and other large public buildings, the popularity of panoramic elevators is also increasing. Unlike ordinary elevators they allow passengers to inspect everything that is outside of the elevator, this creates an involvement effect and arouse interest. The movement on the elevator turns into a fascinating journey – for both children and adults. There is no more discomfort for those who are anxious, being in a closed space – everything is visible, as in the palm of your hand. The other important advantage of panoramic elevators is their stylish design: the transparent cabin will fit into any style and interior, adding to it aesthetics and special chic. Quite often the panoramic elevator becomes the compositional center of the whole room. The presence of such an elevator attracts attention and increases the prestige of the institution, and hence its attendance. Panoramic elevator installed not inside but outside the building allows its passengers to survey the surrounding landscape. In addition, this solution significantly saves space inside the building, allowing it to be used more profitably. We offer you the panoramic elevators of leading manufacturers of the world. You can choose the necessary model from a wide range, you can make adjustments to the project, add individualities, and even offer your layout. The building of the construction is customized to the features of your building, and its shape can be different – rectangular, semi-circular, or with smoothed corners. You can pick up an elevator of the required capacity, size of the cabin and height of the shaft. The elevator cabin can be completely transparent, and can be decorated with various materials – metal, mirrors, wood.

Passenger elevators for medical and prophylactic institution (Hospital)

Hospital elevators with load-lifting capacity of 500, 630, 1000, 1275 kg and more are installed for passengers in medical and prophylactic institutions (hospitals). They allow carrying patients on wheelchair. They are manufactured with a pass-through and non-stop cabin. If besides patients the elevator are used by visitors, it is possible to install the priority mode of calling the cabin to any floor for the transportation of a patient accompanied by medical personnel without performing other calls from floor spaces. Hospital elevators have finishing according to the wishes of the client.



Elevators for cottages and villas

Recently, owners of cottages and villas increasingly install elevators in them. For someone it is connected with the vital necessity (especially if there are elderly people or disabled people in home), for someone – with elementary convenience (for example, to quickly rise or descend for household needs), for someone a stylish element of the overall design. Cottage elevators can be installed by several ways: either installed in a special shaft, or already at the factory-manufacturer can be in conjunction with a self-supporting shaft of metal structures. At the end of the installation, you can cover the shaft with any material you like – glass, metal, or something else. In the choice of the design of the elevator (namely its cabin) there are practically no restrictions, up to the choice of the shape of the cabin. You can choose interior finishing with materials such as wood, glass, stainless steel, mirror and even leather


Small freight (restaurant) elevators are elevators with the load carrying capacity from 50 up to 500 kg, and the speed up to 0.35 m / s. Most often, small freight elevators are used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laundries, banks, libraries, warehouses and private cottages. Sometimes such elevators are called service or dumbwaiters. The small freight elevator is almost silent and consumes little power. Such elevators are manufactured with vertical sliding doors (guillotine) which do not require additional space for the service area, as well as with swinging doors. The small freight elevator can be supplied in complete with a metal shaft or installed in the ready-made shaft of the custome

Small and large freight elevators

Freight elevators are widely used in different fields: manufacturing, hotel and restaurant business, warehouses, trade, and wherever it is necessary to lift the heavy and bulky freights to the upper floors. With the help of elevators the movement of freights ceases to be a problem. “KHAZARLIFT” LLC offers you to buy freight elevators of various types – electromechanical or hydraulic. And the maximum load that can be sustained by the elevators that we install is up to 10 tons. You can independently choose the load carrying capacity of the elevator, height, door type (manual or automatic), cabin materials (plasticized metal, polished stainless steel) and its sizes, as well as many other parameters. All our products are manufactured in accordance with the developments of leading engineers that is why it meets the most stringent safety requirements. The complex of our services includes the maintenance of elevators. We are ready to consult you on all arising questions by phone or directly in our office.