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It is a system that transmits the smoke, heat or gas perceived from the beginning of the fire through a panel and informs by siren and flasher. The most important characteristic distinguished from conventional conventional detection systems is to determine the starting point of fire clearly. Notifies the relevant units. If the system is available, it can also initiate the extinguishing function. It is usually suitable for use in areas such as hospitals, schools, and dormitories where the vital priority is high.

– Co2

The working principle of the CO2 Gas Extinguishing System is generally as follows. In accordance with TSE 15004-5 standard, the hydraulic calculations of the project where the autocad and isothermic drawings are made after the physical measurements made at the relevant site and the room seal test are completed. The amount of CO2 gas to be used in the neighborhood and the appropriate cylinder are selected. Gas discharge nozzles and fire detection equipments are installed at the designated points in the direction of hydraulic calculations. The electronic fire detection system operated by the cross zone system is provided by the control panel after the system has received the smoke and heat confirmation. The control panel triggers the solenoid valve and emits CO 2 CO2 in as little as 10 seconds.


It is a system that transmits the smoke, heat or gas perceived from the beginning of the fire through a panel and informs by siren and flasher. Conventional conventional detection systems report a fire in the designated area in relation to the fire. Generally speaking, in case of a fire in areas designated as more than one zone in large volumes, giving information in the form of “3 Zone Alarm” facilitates fire intervention. Generally, it is suitable to use in small and low hazard class. The difference from the addressable system is that it reports on a zone basis

– Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher


– Fire Cabinet Systems

Fire cabinet systems, which are obligatory to be kept in public apartments, schools, hospitals, prisons, high malls, public housing, are produced by TSE standards by our company. The fire cabinet systems manufactured and delivered in accordance with the legislation with red dyed paint and all internal equipments are delivered by assembling and explaining usage.

All the information such as how to use fire cabinet systems with glass, cover, 360 degree rotating hose, fire wall mounted with firefighting equipment, how to make periodic maintenance, how to use hose, what clothes and equipment are working,

Intervention is provided by the pressurized water from the hose pump inside. It is important to have enough size to fit in the materials inside and to protect your life. It is of vital importance to design and install it in such a way as to provide quick intervention in case of fire. It should be simple enough that even non-educated personnel can use it.

Fire Cabinet Prices

You can find the most suitable fire cabin prices of the market in our company. We offer fire cabinets prepared in compliance with the Regulations and TSE standards at attractive prices together with all the materials inside. We will supply you with the fullest possible use of fire cabinets designed and assembled so that you will get full marks in the inspections to be made.

Prices of fire cabinets vary according to their size and contents. We guarantee to offer the best prices on the market. All of our products are produced from quality materials and are sold with a guarantee. It is our job to protect your premises with proper payment terms.

Fire Cabinet Measures

The fire cabinet measurements, which should be placed at certain distances on each cave or on the same floor so that they are not 30 meters away from each other in multi-storey buildings, should also be arranged according to certain standards. Fire cabinets which must be in certain dimensions in buildings built with large manufacturing, indoor parking lots, boiler houses, workshops, warehouses and health, accommodation and gathering intention, can be single capped or double capped according to fire ability.

Fire cabinets with a different decorative structure in the building and a foamy type outside the building will be your closest supporters to possible fires. Fire cabinets that allow simple fires outside the chemical fires to be intercepted by a personnel are offered at the most reasonable prices.

Fire Filler Height from Floor

All fire extinguishing systems are installed by professional cadmium. Fire extinguishment account made by our specialist engineers, fire cabinets prepared by our expert team, fire cabinets in regulations are calculated by calculating the altitude from the ground.

The fire buttons in the buildings also have to be elevated from a certain place. Fire cabinets must also have a certain height so that the personnel will not be forced to intervene. The height should be adjusted so that the teams to intervene can easily open, can wear fire clothing, can wear the helmet, wear it and wear gloves and interfere with fire hoses and flames.


– Fire Pump Types

The fire pump, which increases the pressure of the water taken by the water source and allows the fire crews to spray the water with pressure, can be used in all other systems. In the automatic fire extinguishing systems distributed with the sprinkler, fire pumps can be used at the mouth of fire brigade fire extinguishing vehicle and at the exit points of the fire cabinets in the buildings.

The pump main pump, which is as close as possible to the water source, is installed with the auxiliary pump. The use of quality and functional pumps in fire trucks is very important. Fire trucks that are mobile and able to interfere with large fires sometimes interfere with remote flares and sometimes very high buildings where it is not possible to approach with vehicles. Regardless of the quality and durability, the fire pumps are periodically checked, the missing parts are completed and the faults are the parts that need to be remedied without delay. The recommended period for periodic maintenance and control is once a week.



Foam; water, air and foam concentrate.

    Water + Foam Concentrate + Air => Foam

  • Lower density than oil and water. 
    • It is a stable mass from small bubbles. 
    • Adheres to vertical and horizontal surfaces. 
    • Observing a cover on the burning liquid, it prevents the entry of air and the outflow of flammable gases. These properties can last for a long time. 
    • Especially effective in class A and B fires.


High expansion foams are used when a closed area such as Hangar or Warehouse needs to be filled quickly. Low expansion foams prevent the spread of fire. AFFF is the best for Jet Fuel Fires, FFFP in Oil Pools and AR-AFFF in Alcohol Fires are the best.


High expansion foam systems are calculated based on “NFPA 11 Standard for Low-Medium and High Expansion Foam 2010 Edition”.




Micro-extinguishing system applied in small volumes. It is both easy to implement and cost effective. The extinguishing system, which can be constructed with FM 200, CO2 and Dry Chemical Powder, is focused on finishing the fire at the starting point.


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The Automatic Clean Fire Extinguishing System developed for small spaces utilizes a flexible tubing cable attached to the top of the cylinder valve. This cable is pressurized with nitrogen to 240PSIG (16.5 bar) and waits for the temperature to be alert. The tubing cable is sensitive to temperature and serves as a continuous linear thermal detector that explodes at specified temperatures (120-130 ° C). In the pipe loop, the cylinder valve is operated to let the gas flow out of the discharge outlet in the Flex valve, and the quench is distributed from the nozzles to the cabinet-panel.


FM 200, NOVEC 1230, Cylinder, Pneumatic Valve, Manometer, Tubing (Discharge Cord) for CO2 or KKT …


Our designs are made according to international standards and Turkish standards. Based on the design and application criteria established by the NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 standards. The hydraulic calculations of the design are UL approved. The System Rollers have been tested at 300 Bar levels and have FM 200 between 25-42 bar. TPED and PED certified CE certified. The partners we work with are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies. Thus, the entire design fits the NFPA and TSE standards.


It is colorless and odorless. (Excluding KKT) 
Fire is commissioned at the beginning, extinguishes in growth. 
The environment is friendly, it does not damage the ozone, it does not leave residue. 
If necessary, the system can be activated by refilling the cylinders. 
Ideal for small volumes, precise and valuable equipment. 
It does not have electrical conductivity. 
It empties fast and provides extinguishing. 
Can be used in humans. 
Ergonomic, takes up little space. 
It is economical.

– Fire Rack

The fire reel, which allows fire intervention teams to open the fire hose quickly from fire cabinets, mobile fire extinguishing equipment and large cars used by fire crews, is one of the greatest aids for anyone competing against flames over time.

The ability to swivel 360 degrees is the most important feature of the fire reel to be able to use the hose externally quickly and serially. Fire hoses must be emptied after use and must be wrapped in a spool. In addition, it is important to carry out routine checks of both the roller and the fire hoses and to renew the parts to be renewed.